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Terms of Service
What follows is boring but may answer any questions you have about how we do things :)

Misinformation provided by the customer on the booking form or Google Calendar move description may result in additional fees beyond what was provided in the estimate or a negation of our agreement made during the booking process.

Underreporting inventory may result in additional fees or the inability to complete your move in the allotted time.

We reserve the right to decline to move anything that is not listed on the inventory form or Google Calendar move description.  It is your responsibility to show the movers everything that is scheduled to be moved (as defined by the Google Calendar move description).  We suggest that prior to the movers leaving the site that you walk through and inform the movers of any additional items listed on the move description to be moved that had not been moved/loaded yet.  Don’t forget to check your closet, storage shed, attic, garage spaces, etc.!

We hold firm stop times in order to reach next customers on time and complete our day by closing time (6pm).  If there is more moving to do at the time we must stop, the customer has the option to schedule additional moving services (2 hour minimum applies) with Gary Moves during our regular office hours of 9am-6pm, Monday-Saturday. 


We neither disconnect nor reconnect appliances, including but not limited to: washers, dryers, ranges, refrigerators, freezers, stereo or tv systems, hot tubs, and dish washers.

Please remove grease traps, propane tanks, ash canisters, etc. from grills and smokers.  We are not liable for spills from these.

Anything that can be spilled should be moved by the customer or contained such that spillage is impossible.


We do not install or remove hardware to or from walls such as nails, screws, anchors, hooks, etc.


We do not box or bubble wrap items.  We do provide moving blankets and plastic wrap for use during the move, and there is no charge for those.


We do not provide mattress or couch covers, but we will put them on if you provide them.  You are encouraged to do so to help protect from natural elements and dirt on floors.

Please have your space in a sanitary condition upon our arrival.  Feces, mold, and other unsafe environmental conditions require us to postpone moving you until you have satisfactorily returned the space to safe conditions.  


We do not supply all the materials necessary for “load-only” moves (for which we do not also drive and unload the items).  For load-only moves we suggest the customer provide a minimum of 2 high quality moving blankets per item they wish to protect along with 1 ratchet strap per 5’ of truck/pod length.  We take item protection seriously and use more plastic wrap than on local moves in order to secure your items.


Objects of fine art, sensitive nature, and high value must be properly packaged and prepped by the customer prior to our handling.  We reserve the right to decline to move an item that is not properly packaged and prepped by the customer in advance of the move.  Some items must be crated or bubble wrapped and boxed inside of Styrofoam peanuts and clearly labeled as fragile for us to handle them.  Ask Gary Moves’ manager during the booking process about any items you feel may require special packaging and prepping.


Gary Moves reserves the right to decline to move any item that is determined, upon assessment of the item and environment, to be unsafe to move due to potential damage to the mover’s bodies or customer’s property.  We aim to be as helpful as is possible within the limits of safety, equipment abilities, and labor power available.

If the customer is not present at the start of the move and is unavailable by any of the means of contact provided on the form, we will wait for 15 minutes.  If the movers scheduled to your move cannot reach you within 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, the move is considered cancelled.


Cancellations and reschedules by the customer with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a charge equivalent to 25% of the projected maximum estimate as depicted on the Google Calendar event shared with the customer prior to the move.  The only exceptions to this are in the unlikely events of natural disaster or impossible or unsafe moving conditions.


We do not provide storage.

It is your responsibility to remain courteous to the movers who are there to help you.  We do not accept abusive language or actions from customers, and we reserve the right to decline services to customers who abuse us.  We understand that moving is stressful and do everything we can to provide exceptional, professional, friendly services so we will attempt to relax you and the situation if you are struggling for whatever reason.  However, customers who are abusive will not be tolerated.


Our tool kit for disassembly/reassembly includes Philips, torx, and flathead screwdrivers, metric and standard allen wrenches, adjustable wrenches, pliers, utility knives, and measuring tape.  While our tool kit handles most bed, dresser mirror, and other furniture hardware removal and reinstallation, it may not cover every type of hardware.  The customer is encouraged to identify and provide any specialty tools beyond what is provided in our toolkit if they would like assistance with dis/reassembling a piece.

Our 18’ truck comes equipped with a portable ramp, lift gate, 2 appliance dollies, 1 furniture dolly, 6 straps, and 33 blankets, all of which is included in our hourly rate when the truck is in included in the service option.


Electronic receipts are available upon request.


Gary Moves moves in snow, rain, heat, and cold and has an excellent track record in following through.  However, we do reserve the right to reschedule a move if conditions prove unsafe or impossible to complete the move.  We follow the schedule set by the school districts of Boulder Valley and the customer’s move locations for weather delays and closures.   During the winter months you are strongly encouraged to schedule your move several days prior to the absolute final day of access to your move-out location.  This will give you the opportunity to reschedule if you must.


In the event of snow, rain, or mud, you are encouraged to lay down floor protection (tarps, towels, plastic covers, blankets, construction paper, etc.  We are happy to lay down a few moving blankets to absorb soil as we enter the home, but we do not have enough to fully protect the floor of the entire home.  Another option is for the movers to remove their shoes prior to taking the items to their final destination. Our clock starts on arrival and stops when all requested tasks are completed or the limit of the reserved move time is met.


If the move takes longer to complete than estimated due to uncontrollable weather, traffic, or other unpredictable conditions, the customer will be billed in 15 minute increments at the listed rate until completion or until we reach the limit of the reserved move time.

We have a 2 hour minimum on all moves.  Clock starts on arrival and stops either when everything is where you want it or when we reach the stop time depicted on the Google Calendar event for your move.  After the 2 hours, we bill in 15 minute increments. 


For payment, we accept cash and check only.  Cash is preferred.  No cards.  Payment is due in full at the end of the move. 


Items weighing 300lbs or more incur our large item fee.  Other items incurring the large item fee include spinet and upright pianos, items over 200lbs being moved up/down stairs, and all fridges, upright freezers, and washers being moved up/down stairs. We do not move all large items so please report all large items to be moved via email or on the initial estimate form and include a photo of each large item.


Parking: If Gary Moves must park farther away from the loading/unloading areas defined by the customer on the booking/estimate form (for safety or to avoid traffic violations or meter costs), this may result in additional fees or the inability to complete the move in the allotted time.  Please report accurate distance from safe, legal, free parking spots to the entrance to your building/home.


In the event of abandoned property (customer does not provide a means to unload the inventory to the specified finish location), we will store the inventory (unless the customer arranges some other option prior to unloading) in climate controlled storage at Guardian Storage, Boulder.  The customer will be responsible for all costs incurred, including the time (per the hourly rate specified during booking) it takes to unload the inventory and all fees charged by Guardian storage.  We will contact you to schedule the move from storage to your specified location.


Gary Moves managers are not available outside our office business hours (9am-6pm, M-Sat, except on company holidays).  Please contact us during regular business hours.  We return most calls and emails within 24 hours, Sundays excepted.


We have 2 sets of hours of availability: we perform moves 9am-6pm, 7 days/week.  Our managers, estimators, and schedulers are available 9am-6pm, Monday-Saturday.


The customer is responsible for notifying Gary Moves within 24 hours after confirming the move if you are unable to view the Google Calendar event created and shared with you, which appears in either one of your email folders or Google Calendar.  If you do not receive the event or an email, please add us to your contacts so that our communications are not blocked.


A move is not confirmed simply by filling out the estimate form on  A move is not confirmed until the customer is sent a Google Calendar event depicting their move and there is written confirmation via email.  The Google Calendar event is our confirmation and a reference for you to know what we are planning on for your move.  This move description will appear either as an email (check all your email folders if does not appear in your inbox) or on Google Calendar itself. 


We operate on a first come, first serve basis.  You are encouraged to confirm as soon as possible after receiving the estimate from Gary Moves.  Our availability shifts by the minute, and we cannot guarantee that we have availability for your move until we confirm your move.  As a courtesy to you, we hold a slot for you 24 hours after sending you the estimate as we await your confirmation.


Damage-to-item compensation from the movers will be offered at the end of the move during bill write up or will be settled after Gary Moves management is adequately informed of the claim and a thorough review is complete.


Damage claims must be reported within 24 hours of the completion of the move.  Our high integrity movers are very forthright and take ownership for their mistakes.  A fair and reasonable compensation will be made to the customer in the event that the movers are proven fully responsible for damaging an item during the move.   We ask that you bear in mind that Gary Moves offers below-industry-standard rates, as much as 50% less than our local competitors, and work hard to make your move low cost from the very start.


Gary Moves is not responsible for damages impossible to avoid, such as an item falling apart simply by properly lifting it up (typically due to the item bearing previously damaged joints or loosened/missing hardware).


Improperly boxed (insufficient cushioning or using a worn out box) items are not covered by our insurance or compensation policy.  Please be very sure to securely and safely package your items.  We use intelligent, safe, moving techniques that ensure that properly boxed items are transported safely.  We stack boxes and items only when they are strong enough to support weight on top of them and will not damage items below them.

Our insurance and compensation policies do not cover items that we do not also drive, store, and/or unload.  Hiring one moving company to load, drive, and unload your items is the best way to insure your i
tems.  If we only load or unload a truck or pod for you, our insurance and compensation policy covers any damages that occur due to our mishandling from the time we pick the item up to the time that we leave the move site.

All estimates are produced on the assumption that the customer is packed and ready to go. All boxes should have strong and sealed lids, all walkways should be clear of obstructions, all furniture that is staying and going should be clearly marked, and anything that can fit in a box should be in a box. 


Additional dis/reassembly, unforseeable detours, dealing with broken, missing, or damaged hardware, unnavigable spaces, inaccurate Estimate Form info, pedestrian and vehicle traffic, weather, customer indecisiveness about item placement, and excess inventory are examples of move duration extenders outside of our control. We do all that we can to mitigate cost by expediting the move with maximum efficiency and adaptation to conditions. The customer is responsible for paying for these additional costs.

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