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50 Tips to Save Time, $, and Sanity

1.  Take care of yourself!  Breathe!  You WILL survive this move!

2.  Schedule your move several days prior to closure/lease end, especially during Winter, to accommodate unexpected

     needs to reschedule.

3.  Pack now!  Virtually everyone tells me, “I didn’t realize I had so much!”  Give yourself time.

4.  Pack a bag or two with your essentials for when you arrive.  Suggestions: snacks, trash bags, bottled water or cups, paper       towels, keys, phone numbers, cash/check book.

5.  Have everything packed, taped, and ready to load when the movers arrive.

6.  Short on boxes?  Pick up used ones off the free section of Craigslist.

7.  Reduce loading time by packing boxes fully but not too heavily.

8.  Plastic wrap or tape shut swinging doors and loose drawers in furniture.

9.  Pack fragile items with clothes, linens, etc. to reduce damages and need for bubble wrap.  Socks make great stuffing.

10. Label the contents and destination on the top of each box to facilitate the unloading process.

11. Disassemble furniture in advance.  Wrap legs of tables with plastic or tape.

12. Photograph wiring for electronics to facilitate the rewiring project.  Pack all pieces together, bundling wires with tape.

13. While clothes are still hanging on the closet rod, slide a Hefty cinch sack over them and tighten the handle.  This keeps           them clean and makes rehanging them a "cinch."

14. Save space by storing out-of-season clothing with vacuum seal bags.

15. Hire friends by giving them what you planned to donate anyways.

16. Color coding is better than words.  Use different colors of tape to mark boxes for their destinations.

17. Get your deposit back and avoid move-in costs by photographing your old place after move-out and your new place             before move-in.

18. Soap and toothpaste work well for filling nail holes in your old apartment.

19. File your change of address with USPS, credit card companies, bank, telephone, subscribed services, employer, and                those friends you want to stay in touch with!

20. Downsize your move.  Sell your old stuff on Craigslist or arrange Salvation Army to pickup two weeks in advance.

21. Reduce the number of furniture protection pads you rent from the truck rental store by using your old blankets.  Note:           thin and small blankets should be doubled up.  Blankets also serve as great "stuffers" and stabilizers during packing.

22. Plan 2 furniture pads per piece of furniture.  Gary Moves supplies these free for local moves in which we load+unload.

23. For safety and efficiency, keep doorways and walkways clear for the movers.

24. Defrost and empty your refrigerator and freezer early.

25. Arrange for the dogs and children to be cared for on “Move Day.”

26. Schedule the cancellation of your utilities.

27. Visit the plethora of sites for more tips on packing, loading, and preparing for your big transition.

28. Rest assured that Gary Moves will do everything possible to save you time, money, and peace of mind!

29. Order a pizza and a movie for after you get the essentials unpacked.  Moving is tough! Relax and unpack tomorrow!

30. The more things are uniformly boxed, the quicker the load.  Loose, odd shaped items slow down the “tetrising.”

31. Re-using boxes may save time and money upfront, but if they are already collapsing, items inside may be crushed.

32. Remove light bulbs and lamp shades for safer transport.

33. If your box needs to be kept upright in a certain direction, please write that on the box.

34. Please be considerate of people just like you being moved after you.  We often schedule 2, 3, 4, sometimes as many as 6        short jobs in a day.  If you misreport your inventory, this will spill over into many other peoples’ schedules.  I leave a               buffer between jobs because no estimate is perfect, but everyone appreciates accurate representation of inventory!

35. If you appreciate the service provided by your movers, tip them.

36. As a general rule, if the dresser has more than 3 drawers, empty the contents of the drawers.

37. Folding corners of the cardboard box under one another is not stable.  Taping creates a sturdier, possibly reusable box.

38. Do not pack books into a box larger than a “small” or 10x12x15.  Bankers’ Letter/Legal boxes are great!

39. When in doubt, empty the cabinet/desk/filebox/dresser.  Metal vertical cabinets may be left full.

40. Empty weak, antique, and particle board dressers and cabinets of their contents.  Leave the drawers in.

41. Treat your mover the way you would like them to treat your possessions.  We are in this together!

42. Bag cushions, pillows, comforters, and other soft things.  They make great space fillers.

43. Removing shelves, shelf pins, lamp shades, light bulbs, and other delicate and movable items is helpful to us.  But, if                you don’t do that, we’ll handle it.  Put them in a plastic sandwich bag.  

44. Let the movers know what are your most sensitive items that you would like us to plastic wrap/place extra padding on.

45. Reusing your cardboard box?  Label the contents/destination of that box on blue painter's tape, not the box.  Once                  moved, remove the tape.  One box, one label.

46. Have your cash and check book handy before the move begins.  It's easy to forget this!

47. Reserve space for the moving truck by parking your car(s) in the space(s) where you want the truck to park!

48. Moving more than once?  Clear plastic bins hold up much better than cardboard boxes.  Plus you can see what's inside.

49. Drain your washer/fridge hoses, then rubber band plastic bags on the ends so that water does not leak during moving.

50. Place trash cans in front of your place to reserve the parking space for the moving truck.

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