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Why Gary Moves?

​10 Ways Gary Moves Beats The Competition

   1. Personalization.  

   2. Super Affordable.  

   3. No “Creepiness” In Your Home.


   4. Flexibility. 



   6. Reliability. 


   7. No Mysterious Fees. 


   8. Experience and Creativity. 



   9. Service With A Smile. 




   10. Quality Guaranteed. Licensed and Insured.

Gary Moves saves you money and aims to please.  If you’ve moved before, you know how moving always seems to take longer and cost more than hoped.  Hire a mover who wants to brighten your day, not add to your burden!  You are the boss, we are your employees.  My approach to business is built on the premise that relationships matter.  Because they do.

I and my movers have safely moved massive armoires, credenzas, sleeper sofas and more around tight corners and up narrow flights of stairs.  Half the fun of this job is playing “Tetris” and putting together the jigsaw puzzle!  The other is half is meeting you!

I know the feeling of being hit with unexpected fees and I don’t like it.  I’m sure you don’t either.  You will know what fees apply to your move when we confirm.  Simple.

We’re here to earn your business today and tomorrow.  Gary Moves shows up and gets it done.  

We’ve taken countless jobs with just a day’s notice and have a no-questions-asked 48 hour cancellation policy.

Who do you want in your home, handling your personal possessions?.  I’m a clean-cut man who loves Mom, and I don’t associate with or hire anyone who doesn’t uphold traditional values of honesty, integrity, and work ethic.

For a fully licensed, insured, tax-paying moving company, our rates are tough to beat!  Our efficiency and conscientiousness make your move a quick and safe one. We rest when the job is complete so you can save $$$!  

We work with each customer on an intimate level to tailor the service to your particular needs.  Some customers prefer to dictate the placement of every item.  Others prioritize speed over everything else.  We listen closely and ask questions to determine exactly how we can serve you best.

The person you call to set up the move is Gary himself.  I take huge pride in what I’ve accomplished with this moving business, including training a solid team of movers whom I trust like dear friends.  Colorado Law requires movers to be insured, and we are.  We balance speed with item care, so you can relax in the knowledge that your items are well cared for by moving professionals.

Meet Gary Moves LLC!

How it started

Gary moved to Boulder in 2013 to begin his Wilderness Therapy MA program at Naropa. He'd built a trailer to haul his motorcycle here, and along the way a little birdie chirped that maybe college students could use it. On a whim, he put an ad out there. Folks appreciate integrity, so one bite led to another. Gary was having fun with it, so he built a team and a system affectionately named "Gary Moves" (a complete sentence, by the way)!  10 years later, his MA, LPC, and psychotherapy practice under his belt, Gary still loves the moving business and continues to offer exceptional service for le$$!

Excellence and Professionalism 

"Your stuff matters, and what matters to you, matters to me.  I have built this business on a foundation of integrity and by putting relationships first.  I truly love this job, and I’ve passed along my passion and skillset to my team of movers.  Every one of them is handpicked by me, and I accept no less than the best." - Gary

Experience why over 75% of Gary's customers are returners and referrals.  Book today!

Quality Guaranteed

Speed, strength, and personability.  Many of the Gary Moves movers are graduate level students trained in mindfulness and relationships. Coupled with remarkable strength and endurance, you have a well honed moving machine! If that's not enough, our comprehensive insurance policy ensures that your home and possessions are protected. You are in good hands with Gary Moves LLC!

Meet Your Movers!


"Where else can I go to work and get such a great workout!?"


"I LOVE hard work so I get a lot done for folks fast!.  I actually have to remind myself to ease up so I don't hurt myself."


"You can find me on the mountain snowboarding and skiing when I'm not crushing it on moves!"


"I love how many cool people and homes I get to meet in this work.”


"You might say I'm a 'knot aficionado.'  Comes in handy when securing items in the truck."


“While I might be studying Mechanical Engineering, I'm more than happy to chat about arts and music.”


"My favorite part about being a mover is getting a work out at work!"


"I bring a lot of positive energy to the customer when I move."


"I enjoy doing theater in my spare time."


"I love helping people out!"  


"One of my strengths as a mover is my attention to detail."


"If I'm not moving, I'm probably reading!"


"I love meeting our diverse clients and going to new places. Each day presents new challenges!"  

"I bring a positive attitude to all that I do.  'If there is a will, there is a way.'"


"Outside of work, you can find me in the garage modding up my car or up in the mountain hitting the slopes."

Testimonials. 5 Stars Since Day 1.


“It is truly my pleasure to very highly recommend you without qualification to anyone who wishes to speak with me. No time to say more now other than to convey my Boundless Gratitude to both you and Patrick for the help you provided me on Friday, especially on such short notice.”  –Karen, 3/24/14
“You came through like a champ!” –Mark 11/1/13
“I was reluctant to hire somebody from Craigslist when I needed help urgently with a church move.  I found Gary listed and his rate was manageable for us – being a small non-profit.  He helped us on three separate occasions between December 3rd and December 6th, 2013.  Gary showed up when he said he would.  He worked during our recent snowstorm and frigid temperatures and proved himself capable and competent in loading, and taking care of our furnishings. He is a polite and personable individual and I would recommend him to anybody – and hire him again myself in a heartbeat.” –Richard Honey, “The Well” church 12/6/13
“Gary and his crew were the perfect solution to my moving woes. They showed up on time and unloaded my moving pod quickly and carefully. They were polite, efficient, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with. Having them on hand to help was a huge stress-reliever during my move!” –Carmel 10/31/13

“I hired Gary… He was punctual, a very fast learner, efficient, ingenious (thinking of better ways to accomplish a task in less time), friendly, and an overall joy to work with. I will hire him again and again and will highly recommend him to anyone.” –Dr. Richard Shane, creator of the Sleep Easily® method  11/13
“Thanks so much for your great help…” –Cris, 1/22/14

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