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1. How do I book you or get a quote?


2. Are you available on such and such day?

​     Because of the many variables particular to every move, I cannot inform you of my availability until I know more. I

3. Would you like to come see my place and give me an estimate of the cost of my move?
      I do not perform in home tours to conduct quotes, but you are welcome to send photos via email of everything
      being moved.  You are welcome to attach those photos to your email with the information requested at Contact.
4. When can I expect a reply?

      I respond within 24 hours. M-Sa, 9am-6pm. I am not in the office on Sundays, although we do move 7 days/week.

5. Can you hold that slot for me?

      I operate on a first come, first serve basis and your move is not confirmed until we have verbal or written confirmation,         after the information on the Contact page is received.  When your move is confirmed, I will say or write so.  My                       availability changes by the hour, so if you inquire about availability in the morning, it is possible that by afternoon that           availability will have already changed.  Please plan accordingly and book your move today!

6. Are you insured?

     100% YES!  Gary Moves carries liability, cargo, commercial auto, and worker's compensation insurances.  

7. Movers have bailed on me before.  How do I know you won't?

     Trusting your mover is important and not every Craigslist mover will show up as planned.  Gary Moves will.  Once you          are in our calendar, the move is set in stone.  I do not drop your job just because a more profitable one avails itself to us.

8. Some movers are offering lower rates/quoting less time.  What makes Gary Moves better?

     "Cheaper isn't always cheaper!"  Low quality movers maymilk the clock and damage your items, costing you more $

      and headaches.  Cheaper movers may offer lower rates by not adhering to Colorado law, i.e. not obtaining their HHG            permit, liability insurance, cargo insurance, commercial auto insurance, and worker's compensation.  Gary Moves LLC        is fully compliant and has the documents available for your review.  Our team balances speed with item care to your              maximum benefit. We provide just enough padding to realistically protect from harm. It is easy to lowball a customer,

      as some movers do.  It is wise to obtain multiple quotes to obtain an average quote time.  Bear in mind the correlation          between quality and cost. As a small business with minimal administration, we keep overhead down and pass the                  savings on to you.  We at Gary Moves bust our butts to ensure premium, affordable service to you.  Count on it.

9. How much can you fit into your SUV and trailer?

     A lot!  My SUV and trailer are enough to move approximately 350 cu. ft. (10' rental truck) in one load.  I do not own a              larger truck (yet).  For large and longer distance moves, it is more economical for you to rent a Penske, Budget, or

     Uhaul and employ Gary Moves just for the loading and unloading.

10. When do you start billing?

        Clock starts once the movers arrive at the first pickup location and ends when everything is dropped off and put in                 place.  Please have payment ready at the end of the job.  

11. What forms of payment do you accept and prefer?

        We prefer cash to checks; they simplify money distribution.  I do not accept credit cards.  

12. Can I text you?  

        We accept and utilize texting for ongoing communication after the job has been entered into the calendar.

13. How do I know whether a mover is licensed and insured?

        Your mover can send you information about their insurance.  To see if they are licensed, visit                                              Gary Moves LLC performs Colorado moves only, but            if your mover is moving you out of state, check out  

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