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Meet Gary Moves LLC!

How it started

Gary moved to Boulder in 2013 to begin his Wilderness Therapy MA program at Naropa. He'd built a trailer to haul his motorcycle here, and along the way a little birdie chirped that maybe college students could use it. On a whim, he put an ad out there. Folks appreciate integrity, so one bite led to another. Gary was having fun with it, so he built a team and a system affectionately named "Gary Moves" (a complete sentence, by the way)!  5 years later, his MA and psychotherapy practice under his belt, Gary still loves the moving business and continues to offer exceptional service for le$$!

Excellence and Professionalism 

"Your stuff matters, and what matters to you, matters to me.  I have built this business on a foundation of integrity and by putting relationships first.  I truly love this job, and I’ve passed along my passion and skillset to my team of movers.  Every one of them is handpicked by me, and I accept no less than the best." - Gary

Experience why over 75% of Gary's customers are returners and referrals.  Book today!

Quality Guaranteed

Speed, strength, and personability.  Many of the Gary Moves movers are graduate level students trained in mindfulness and relationships. Coupled with remarkable strength and endurance, you have a well honed moving machine! If that's not enough, our comprehensive insurance policy ensures that your home and possessions are protected. You are in good hands with Gary Moves LLC!

Meet Your Movers!


"I get such a tickle when I hear, 'Wow, you guys did great!'"

"My customers have expressed appreciation for my diligence, strength, organization, and cooperation skills."

"I enjoy fishing, discussing psychology and human growth, watching action films, dancing, and making my partner laugh."


"I love helping people out!" "

One of my strengths as a mover is my attention to detail."

"If I'm not moving, I'm probably reading!"


"I love it when I can exceed expectations and make peoples.”

"I bring my insane packing skills to every move.  And by insane I mean good!"

“My girlfriend and I moved here from Texas with our dogs Apollo and Jackson.  Sometimes we even let the dogs in the bed because they're too darn cute.”


"My favorite part about being a mover is getting a work out at work!"
"I bring a lot of positive energy to the customer when I move."

"I enjoy doing theater in my spare time."


"My favorite part of moving is working in a physical environment."

"My favorite part of moving is working in a physical environment."

"Outside of work I'm an avid football fan. I watch every Green Bay Packer and Wisconsin Badger  game and I played linebacker high-school."


"Where else can I go to work and get such a great workout!?"

"I enjoy meeting and speaking with each customer.  I work well with my teammates."

"I love making music in my free time, producing, composing, and performing.  I also love getting outdoors whenever I can."

Zach F.

"My favorite part of being a mover is the hard work and helping people out!"
"I bring determination to the table! I want to be able to finish the job with 100% perfection."

"I'm a huge sports fan so feel free to talk to me about them!"